First call for visitors in HPC-Europa

The HPC-Europa team is excited to announce that the Transnational Access research visit programme is back!

HPC-Europa is now accepting applications again, with a first closing date of Thursday 7th September 2017 (12:00PM CEST). Applicants will be inform of the results before the end of October, with some visits starting in the last weeks of 2017. Future closing dates will be held every 3 months, and the HPC-Europa3 programme continues until April 2021.

About HPC-Europa3:

If you have not heard of HPC-Europa before, please read on for more information!

HPC-Europa is an EC-funded programme which allows researchers to carry out short “transnational access” visits to collaborate with a research department working in a similar field. The programme is open to researchers of all levels, from postgraduate students to the most senior professors. Applicants can be working in any discipline, but MUST require the use of High Performance Computing facilities (for large-scale computer modelling, etc). Visits can last between 3 weeks and 3 months.

HPC-Europa pays travel and living costs.

Visitors work closely with a “host” research group working in a similar field of research. We have many research groups already associated with the programme as “host” research groups, but new hosts can join at any time, so just let us know if there is someone with whom you would like to collaborate who is not on our list. However, note that host researchers must be in the same country as one of the participating HPC centres: Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden or the UK.

Following EC guidelines, applications are particularly encouraged from the new EU member countries and those who do not have access to similar computing facilities at their home institute.

Under the new “Regional Access” sub-programme, applicants in the Baltic states and South East Europe who have little or no HPC experience are particularly encouraged to visit host departments in Sweden and Greece respectively.  More information is provided on our webpage:

Further information and the on-line application form can be found at:


Any questions not answered by the information on the webpage can be addressed to the HPC-Europa helpdesk at staff (at)