High Performance Computing Centre at IICT-BAS

High Performance Computing Centre is located and managed by the Department: Scalable Computing and Application with HPC Centre at the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (IICT) at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS). According to the updated National Roadmap for Research Infrastructures (RI) in July 2014, IICT-BAS is the scientific coordinator of the following two RI: (1) National Centre for High Performance and Distributed Computing (NCHDC) and (2) National Interdisciplinary Research e-Infrastructure for Resources and technologies for the Bulgarian linguistic and cultural heritage, integrated within the European infrastructures (CLaDa-BG). In 2015, HPC Centre put into operation a supercomputer AVITOHOL, which is ranked, 332th in the TOP500 (June 2015). On October 19th, 2023 new Petascale HEMUS supercomputer (ranked 360th in the TOP500 (November 2023)) operated in the HPC Center. It is part of the newly established Infrastructure Complex for Digital Transformation and High-Performance Computing, built under the “Center for Excellence in Informatics and ICT” project, (CoEinICT).


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