Project Name Institution PI Name Grant
Development and Investigation of quasi-Monte Carlo Algorithms for Extreme Parallel Computer Systems, funded by Bulgarian NSF, 2014 – 2017 IICT-BAS Assoc. Prof.
T. Gurov
Estimate of brown bear population in Bulgaria on the basis of mathematical, statistical and biological analysis of monitoring data”, funded by PUDOOS, 2013 – 2015 IICT-BAS Assoc. Prof.
T. Gurov
Parallel and Distributed Computing Practices IICT-BAS Assoc. Prof.
I. Lirkov
Numerical methods for coupled systems and computer modelling of biomedcal and environmental problems IICT-BAS Assoc. Prof.
K. Georgiev
Efficient Parallel Algorithms for Large-Scale Computational Problems, 2015 – 2016 IICT-BAS Prof. I. Dimov #DFNI-I02/20
Preparation of operational numerical physical model of the Black Sea Faculty of Physics-SU Assoc. Prof. E. Peneva
Dynamics , mechanisms and sequence of bonding of the proteins responsible for DNA repair in living cells IMB-BAS Assoc. Prof.
S. Stoynov
Modeling of catalytic systems Faculty of Chemistry-SU Prof. G. Vaysilov
Efficient numerical methods and parallel algorithms for dynamical analysis of plate structures,
2016 – 2017
IICT-BAS Assist. Prof. PhD
S. Stoykov
New mathematical methods of machine learning with applications in modern technology for genetic sequencing IMI-BAS Prof.
Е. Stoimenova
Fundamental research on stochastic branching processes – borderline behavior, statistical inferences and applications FMI-SU Prof.
M. Bojkova
Molecular Modeling and Experimental Study of Lanthanide Systems and Chromoforms with Optical Properties BAS Prof. I. Mircheva #DN09/9
Modeling of prebiotic molecule formation processes on the surface of meteorites IE-BAS Venelin Enchev #ДН09/7
Investigation of the chemical composition, antiviral and antibacterial activity of plant extracts Graptopetalum paraguayense E. Walther (Crassulaceae) IORGCHM-BAS Prof. N. Markova #DN19/16
New nitrogen-containing luminophores with intramolecular proton transfer IORGCHM-BAS Assoc.PhD. Snezhanka Bakalova #DN09/11
Theoretical study of unbalanced gas flows in micro / nano systems IM-BAS Prof. S. Stefanov #DN02/7
Diversity and Biotechnological Potential of Extreme and Hyperthermophilic Microorganisms from Bulgarian Hot Springs IMikB-BAS Art. H. Naidenski #FNI
National Roadmap for Scientific Infrastructure IICT-BAS #354, 29.06.2017 / NCVRP
Center for Excellence in Informatics and Information and Communication Technologies IMI-BAS Art. S. Margenov #BG05M2OP001-1.001-0003-С01
Development of a new class of MAO-B inhibitors with neuroprotective action to treat Parkinson’s disease“ IORGCHM-BAS PhD. N. Atanasova #M29/8
Exploring the HELP Mechanism of Hydrogenation by Using Modern High Performance Hybrid Computer Architectures: Model Simulations and Experimental Validation“ IMSTCHA-BAS Assoc.PhD. I. Kacarov #H27/28
Intercalation of alkaline and alkaline earth ions in two- and three-dimensional structures: experimental and theoretical modeling, National Scientific Program “Low Carbon Energy for Transport and Households” E + IGIC-BAS Prof. R. Stoyanova #DN09/13