3rd call for proposals for projects accessing the VI-SEEM services and associated infrastructure

The Institute of Information and Communication Technologies – IICT, core partner of the VI-SEEM project, invites you to participate in the VI-SEEM 3rd call for proposals for projects accessing the VI-SEEM services and associated infrastructure. The invitation is open to scientists and researchers that work in academic and research institutions in the region of Southeastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean in the fields of life sciences, digital cultural heritage and climate. Please find below the announcement and do not hesitate to communicate the message to whom it may concern.

About VI-SEEM:

VI-SEEM provides a unique Virtual Research Environment (VRE) and related supporting infrastructure, services and data in Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, with special focus on the scientific communities of Life Sciences, Climatology and Digital Cultural Heritage.

About the VI-SEEM call:

Via this call VI-SEEM opens possibilities for regional scientists from the selected scientific fields to have access to the advanced resources and services that it offers.

The services of the Virtual Research Environment are provided through a compact service catalogue available at https://services.vi-seem.eu/ui/catalogue/services/, while the VRE portal at https://vre.vi-seem.eu/ provides a comprehensive environment for collaborative research for the communities of Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean regions.

Access to underlying computational resources will be awarded for a maximum period of 12 months. Access to the VI-SEEM data repository service might be granted for up to 2 years (see the relevant section).

Apply now!

Further information and the on-line application form can be found at: https://vi-seem.eu/3rd-call/

All proposals should be submitted electronically via the following link: http://survey.ipb.ac.rs/index.php/292255

VI-SEEM Access Team will be available to answer questions while the call is open. You can contact the access team by sending e-mail to: service-access   AT    lists.vi-seem.eu

Deadline for submission of proposals to the 3rd call: Monday the 26th of March 2018 at 18:00 CEST