The Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (IICT-BAS) inaugurated a unique Complex for Digital Transformation and High-performance Computing

The new Infrastructure Complex for Digital Transformation and High-Performance Computing, developed under project “Center for Excellence in Informatics and ICT” was inaugurated on October 19th. Among the official guests at the ceremony were the Prime Minister of Bulgaria – Academician Nikolay Denkov, the Deputy Minister of Education and Science – Prof. Genka Petrova, the Head of the Representative Office of the European Commission in Bulgaria – Mr. Boyko Blagoev, the Executive Director of Executive Agency  “Programme for Education” – Prof. Georgi Vaisilov and the Chairman of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) – Academician Julian Revalski.

In front of an audience of more than 140 representatives of academia and industry and university students, Corr. Memb. Svetozar Margenov – Director of the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (IICT-BAS) and Head of the CoE in Informatics and ICT, presented the integrated research infrastructure and some of the most significant achievements of the project.

The new infrastructure is a unique complex built using state-of-the-art technologies that include: Petascale Hemus Supercomputer, Data Storage System, Application Development Centers and Laboratory for 3D Digitization and Microstructural Analysis. The scientific infrastructure is in line with the modern trends reflecting the growing worldwide importance of extremely parallel computer systems used for computations, modeling and simulations, as well as the need for advanced resources and new methods and protocols for storing and processing the exponentially growing volumes of data.